Thursday, July 8, 2010

July Artist of the Month

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Meet our July Artist of the Month, Aaron Keen! His work is now hanging up at Rivertown Coffee Co. through the end of August. Be sure to stop by sometime and check it out!

Tell us a little about yourself.
Raised by two old hippies and loving the life they have shown me. It’s about making a life, not a living.

What materials do you use in your art? (and why?)
Mainly I use spray paint and acrylics. I feel that the unforgiving aerosol makes my work more natural and how it was supposed to be rather than how I wanted it to be.

Describe your artistic style and/or approach.
I really appreciate Brazilian graffiti. The "who gives a hell" approach really appeals to me. I don't try to make work that other people will enjoy as much as I try to make paintings that I can confidently talk about to the viewer.

What influences your art?
Dreams are the main influence in my art. When I wake up in the middle of the night, I try to make sense of what I was dreaming and then paint it the next day. I feel that the sub-consciousness is the most honest a person can get.
What do you want the viewer to take away from your art? 
I want the viewer to enjoy the colors, the strokes, the contrast, and the story that goes with the piece. They are all simple enough but surreal enough to make a general thought turn into a conversation for a group of viewers

What do you do when you're not making art?
Bartending and sleeping.

How can people contact you if they are interested in purchasing your art?
205-478-3581 or or 512 Hermitage Dr. come on by.


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